Teddy’s Birthday

It’s was Teddy’s birthday, everybody was joining. They bring different kind of present for Teddy. Teddy was very happy, because all of  his friends was joined on his birthday party. It’s time to open the present. Teddy open all the present. And it was the last present. And it was a dog, Teddy was happy because it was his first time he have a pet. He take care of his dog  until it was a big dog. He take care  his dog  just like his own friend. And finally his dog has her own puppies. And they live happy forever.


One thought on “Teddy’s Birthday

  1. A cute story :3 waw, i really want to have present like teddy’s have. A puppy :3 my parents didnt allow me to take care any pet, may be thats because im too careless and busy 😦

    If you have one, please take care of it ^^ make it your own friend, not just a pet. Because a pet will be your friends when world leave you (: they will stay right beside you ^^

    Well, this is a nice story and you have skill in english (:
    Keep blasting ^^

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