The Adventure Of Wolf

At world war II,there was a wolf, a chicken, and a cow who live in a small village in London. They wanted to go around Europe, because they wanted to know, what other countries looks like. Then, they asked there parents.

          But , their parents didn’t agree, because it was too dangerous. Then, they ran to their room.  They packed  their things and ran away from home.

          On the way to go to the airport , they saw the Big Ben. It was the biggest clock in London.  After they arrived at the airport, they took off to Italy. When they arrived, they saw Pisa tower. It was not straight like the other tower. The second week, they went to Moscow Russia. When they walked in the street, they saw cathedral church.

At home, their parents was getting worried. But suddently, wolf, chicken, and cow was come back home. Their parents was happy because they was come home again. And finally, they tell the story about their amazing  trip.

4 thoughts on “The Adventure Of Wolf

  1. Thats true :3 there’s a view of wrong grammar :3 but thats okay. You’ll be better 😀

    This story is about trip around the world. Italy, rusia. But you should tell about asia too. Importantly, Indonesia.. Indonesia have amazing culture (: foreign will interest this post if you tell your country.. Hehe :3

    Hope you’ll better next time ^^

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