James Howencer, Cuba eps : 2

12 March 1967

James Howencer go to Cuba to find the lost cargo ship near the sea of Caribbean. At 10:30 he go to the airport to go to Cuba to find the lost cargo ship.


He arrive at Cuba. He take a taxi and go to the hotel at Havana. He arrive at the hotel and check in to the hotel. Because it’s already evening, he goes to his room and get ready for bed.

13 March 1967

He goes out from his room and go to a restaurant to have breakfast. After having breakfast, he go to a port to take a boat to the sea of Caribbean. When he arrive, he see some other sea patrol that will come to find the ship. He aske the sea patrol to join the sea patrol to find the lost cargo ship. The sea patrol allow him to come. At 10:30, they arrive at the sea, they saeea big coral with a ship on it. They rush to the coral. When they arrive, they find all of the crew on board, no body died on board. They bring the crew back to a city called Santiago de Cuba.

14 March 1967

James go back to the port to get a bigger ship to get the cargo back from the ship back to Cuba and transfer it to USA. He and the sea patrol go back to the ship and get the cargo. James need more help to put the cargo off from the broken ship to James’s ship. At 16:00, the work finally is done and they all go back to Cuba.

15 March 1967

James go back again to the port to get a ship and drag the ship back to the island. When they arrive at the coral, they put the dragger to the broken ship. After they done it, they drag the ship back to Cuba. When they arrive at Cuba, the crew already wait in the port. They glad the ship can be bring back to Cuba.

16 March 1967

James check out from the hotel and go to the airport and go home to Manchester, England.

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