James Howencer, Russia eps : 1

James Howencer is a man, live in a city called Manchester, England. He works as a international police. On 10 January 1956, he has a mission to find the terrorist hidden in Russia.

12  January 1956, 07:15

James arrived in the airport to go to Moscow to find out the terrorist next plan. He rush to the boarding gate and went in to the plane.


James arrived at Moscow. He take the taxi to his hotel and check in to the hotel. Then he walk around the city and start to find some information. Around 17:30, he went to a shop to buy some snacks and drinks. Inside the shop, he meet a strange man wearing a black coat and a brown cap. Even so, James doesn’t seems to think about the terrorist. After the man went out from the shop, the man accidently drop a piece of paper. James check the paper and saw a writing “Meet me at the park”. But James still doesn’t get it, when did they will met and why did they wanted to meet at the park.


James Howencer came to the park to see the mysterious man at the shop and his friends. A few minutes later, the man and his friends. He went to the park with another 2 men. They talking about the plan about destroying a building near Moscow. James calls the Moscow police right away. He right away get the 2 men, but 1 of them escape the park. 19:40, the police came to the park. But when James went to the police’s car, another man escape the park, but the police get the man back.

13 January 1956 08:30

After breakfast at the hotel, James went to the police department to see the result of the interview to the 2 mysterious men in the park. When he arrived at the police department, the police tell that all of the 3 men are the wanted terrorists. And they said that they have another headquarter near Volgograd.

14 January 1956

James check out from the hotel and take the bus to Volgograd, to the south of Moscow. At 14:35, he arrived at Volgograd terminal. He went to a public telephone to call the Russian police in Moscow how to  find the terrorists HQ. The police tell him that the HQ was near an Italian restaurant at Gorgio Avenue Street. At 15:21, he went to the Italian restaurant. When he arrived, he saw a small house just next to the restaurant. He took a little peek at the window and saw 5 men making something inside the house. He went to the nearest public telephone and called the Russian police about the terrorrists HQ. The police send 6 police patrol for reinforcement. At 17:00, the police came with 2 bomb squad to take out the bomb. At 17:05, the police starts to attacked the terrorists using guns and tryed to open the door but the door was locked, so the police crushed the glass and swoop in to the house. The terrorists start to attack, but the police are ready with body armor. First shot got the first terrorist, then the third shot got the second terrorist. One of the terrorist throwed a grenade, but it missed the police. 17:23, 3 terrorist left, the police try to get the boss, but the boss is protected by 2 of his elite troops. So, the police try to make the elite troops get a little dizzy to take down the cops, so the cops when to shoot from all directions to the elite troops. 4 minutes and finally both elite troops are dead. The boss got running away by car from the back door. James take the police’s car and went to take down the boss. 20 minutes of chasing, the cops shoot the boss’s car tires so it will be difficult to drive. The boss finally crashed by a tree and his car throwned to the sky and exploded when it landed, the boss is dead.

15 January 1956

The goverment of Russia gived a medal of honor to James Howencer for his bravenest to get the evil terrorists from destroying Russia and other country. Then, he went back to England and went back home.

3 thoughts on “James Howencer, Russia eps : 1

  1. Uwaaa.. I love detective’s story, and this one is very good :3 and your english get better and better ^^ do the best ya, adi (:

    Though i cant read all your post, but i know every post are so meanfull and usefull ^^ i hope you wont give up on writting, cause writting is just put your feels up to the laptop or paper. Express your own self (:

    Hear every commands that your parents give to you, cause belive me. Their advices and commands are for your own goodness ^^
    God bless and keep blasting (: #adminharu love and support you always ^^

    Have a nice day (:

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