James Howencer, Indonesia eps: 3

James Howencer go to Indonesia to save the Indonesia’s greatest animal, the komodo dragon. The biggest lizard in the world. This animal are endanger. The goverment of Indonesia protects this great animal.

12 April 1967

James Howencer go to Manchester International airport towards Ngurah Rai airport, Bali. After he arrive, he take a taxi and go to a hotel at Kuta. Than, he go out and look around near the hotel. At 13:30, he go to a food stall near the airport. There are a food call “sate”. It was made of chicken or goat meat and stabbed it on a stik made of bamboo, and then give a special sauce made of some chili sauce and mix with peanut sauce. Than, grill it on a grill. They use charcoal to make the fire. And, you have a sate to eat. After he finish, he go back to the hotel. After he take a shower, he go out from the hotel and take a walk through the city. Around 19:03, he go to a small store. He buy a drink called “ice cendol”. It made of rice flour and gived some food colouring. And then give crushed brown sugar and give water, then stir it. And there you have an ice cendol. After he finish, he eat bakso (indonesian meatball). Then he go back to the hotel.

13 April 1967

He check out from the hotel. He take a taxi to Ngurah Rai airport to Satarcik airport, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). After he arrive, he go to a hotel. Then he take a boat from Labuhanbajo town to Komodo island. Komodo island is an island that most of it populated by Komodo. After he arrive, he go to an office to meet the head officer. After he meet the officer, he go to the forest with the local villagers. James and the villagers are guarding in a scout house. Suddently, 3 men come out from the bushes. 1 of the villagers saw 1 of the mysterious man bring a cage. Then suddently they saw the men get 1 of the komodo and run away. James and the villagers run to get the illegal animal sellers. The villagers attacke the bad men. But the they run away by boat. James and 4 villagers take a boat and chase after the illegal sellers. The villagers are shooting at the illegal sellers. Then, 2 of the illegal sellers get shot and fall overboard. The villagers start to shoot the boat. Suddently the boat got sunk and the villagers got the komodo inside the cage but the illegal seller were dead sinking to the sea.

14 April 1967

James Howencer go to the Satartacik airport and go back to Manchester airport, England.