James Howencer, USA eps : 4

James Howencer go to the US to find the international smugglers that some of the polices says that they were hidding in a small house near San Francisco.

17 June 1967

James Howencer go to Manchester International airport to McCarran International airport, Las Vegas. After he arrive, he take a bus to San Francisco. Then, he go to the hotel by walking. On 17:00, he go to a shop near the hotel to buy some snacks and beverages. Inside the store, he meet some cops. He ask the cops about the smugglers. The cops tell him that the smugglers start his attack near the coast of San Francisco. Then, he get out from the shop and go back to the hotel.

18 June 1967

The next day, he go out from the hotel and take a taxi to a local police department. When he arrive at the police department, the polices come out and tell Jamanes that they get the information. The smugglers are last seen near the coast of San Jose. So, James and the polices go to the port and take a fast boat to San Jose. At the middle of the journey, they meet with another fast boat carrying crates. The polices suspect the boat and chase the boat. Around 13:30, the smuggler’s boat arrive at the mainland and carried the crates to the van. The polices and James arrive and get into the car. The polices chase the van. The polices send a roadblock right in front at the avenue. The van crash the roadblock and the van’s front side crush to pieces. 3 of the smugglers still alive and start to attack the police. 2 smugglers got shot but 1 of them are run away. The police finally caught him. The police start to asking about the smugglers HQ. He say that the HQ location is near San Francisco. So the police goes off to San Francisco. At San Francisco, James and the cops go to a suspect house near a apartment. The police starts to close the area and starts to get in to the house. When the door open, 6 smugglers starts to attack the police.  After 2 minutes, the smugglers starts to fall one by one. The police and James go inside the house and find out that the smugglers are hiding inside a room. James put a grenade in front of the door and the door explode. When the police and Jmaes goes in to the room, all of the smugglers are dead.

19 June 1967

James Howencer check out from the hotel and take a taxi to the McCarran International airport and go back home to Manchester, England.


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