Mimi Land 2, The Battle Of Tooth Island

This conflict was start from the year of 1937, when the V Land marine battle ship get across the border without the Mimi Land permission to across. The battle starts on 12 March 1937 when the V Land army landed at the east part of Mimi Land mainland. The V Land send 4.000 men, 650 anti-tank cannons and 630 tanks. The Mimi Land send more than 7500 men, 845 anti-tank cannons and 780 tanks. The Mimi Land really protect around the eastern part of the mainland because it was where the capital city of Mimi Land, Dugi City. It tooks 12 days of the war. The Mimi Land losted 340 men and 287 tanks. The V Land finally retreated on 25 March 1937. A quarter of Vice City are burned. The goverment send 400 tanks to secure the Tooth Island, where the bloodiest battle will starts.

When the goverment of Mimi Land busy about protecting Dugi City, V Land attacked Tooth Island where only 400 Mimi Land tanks guarding the coast. V Land send 8500 men, 560 anti-plane cannons and 760 tanks. The Mimi Landers retreated and ran back to the woods of Vansock. Theres only 30 tanks left. The goverment of Mimi Land shocked by this attack. So, V Land advanced to the city of Tooth, the capital state city of Tooth State. Mimi Land already waited outside of the city and attacked the attacking V Land army. The Mimi Land send 76000 men, 2000 anti-tank cannons and 5700 tanks. Thousand of the V Land army members died one by one. Thousand of tanks exploded with the following of the Mimi Land air attackers bombed the V Land ships on the coast of the island. The V Land trapped inside the island and finally they all crushed by the Mimi Land army. The battle ends when the Lieutanant Fernando been caught in his office on 2 April 1937. After the battle ended, the goverment gave all of the dead men from the V Land back to their own country. And the rubbish of the battle been recycled to make new things out of exploded metals. And now, the people of Tooth Island are still remember and always remember this days of nightmare.

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