James Howencer, Egypt eps: 5

James Howencer is going to Cairo, Egypt to investigate the robbers that is trying to get the valuable artifacts inside the ancient tombs.

1 January 1964

It was new year, the people around the world are celebrating new year. But James can’t stay in Manchester to celebrate. He walk to Manchester International Airport and fly to Cairo International Airport in Egypt. He arrive at the airport and meet with his friend name Greg Drescor. He work as a historian in a local museum in Cairo.

2 January 1964, 01:32

James and Greg are going to the location of the tomb. There are some of Greg’s employees are working in the location. Suddently, James see there are 4 men carrying guns and start to shoot. James rush to the car and take his gun and start to shoot at the men. Two men died, the others are running away. James call the local police to come to the location to investigate. Three hours later, the police come and investigate the 2 dead men. It was around 04:54, Greg and his employees are going home. While James and the police stay at the location to protect the tomb from robbers.

2 January 1964, 09:00

A car come to the location. Than, 5 men come out from the car and start to pointing their guns to James and the police. Affraid of being killed, James start to asking them to put their guns down. But the men don’t want to put their guns down. James take his gun and start to shoot. The bullets knock 2 of the car’s tires. The men retreat to the desert. The police start to checking at the car. The police found 23 lost artifacts that were should be inside the tomb. The police start to find information about the robbers.


It was so hot at the tomb, but James still stay in the tomb. The cops come with reinfocement to attack the robbers’s lair. One of the cops know where is the location of the robbers’s lair. They arrive at the place and start to surround the place. Gun firing are starting to heating up the location. The cops bang in to the house and kill 7 robbers. Three robbers are running away with a van. James shoot at the wheel and pop 1 of the tires.The 3 men getting out of the van and put their hands up. Inside the house, the cops found more of the artifacts. Inside the van, James found 7 more artifacts.

3 January 1964

James is going home to Manchester, England.


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