James Howencer, Germany eps: 6

James Howencer’s mission is to find the lost men in the he local forest.

13 February 1964

James Howencer go to the Manchester International airport, Manchester to Berlin Brandenburg airport. He arrive at Berlin at 12:30. After he arrive, he meet with his friend name Michael Mcfinley from the local forest ranger that need James to find the men inside the forest. They get inside a car and go to the local forest. James start to find some clues about the lost men. James find a wripped out cloth on a tree branch. James theory is maybe the lost men is running from an animal. James ask to the rangers to keep searching in the area.

14 February 1964

The next day, James coming back to the location to see and search more clues. Suddently, one of the rangers find a footprints that leading them to a small cabbin in the middle of the forest. James and the rangers start to knock at the door. But there are no answers from the inside of the cabbin. The rangers finally bang the door. When they were inside of the cabbin, they find a cap and a jacket with a scratch on it. James and the rangers were start to worry if the men already been eaten by the animal. James and the others keep searching throught out the forest. Finally they found the lost men, but their fears were right, hte lost men already died. The rangers see a big bite in the stomach on one of the dead body.


The bodies has been carry by the ambulance to the nearest hospital for autopsy. James and the local police try to find their families to take their family member’s body. Around 18:44, James go back to the hotel for resting.

15 February 1964

James Howencer take the taxi to Berlin Brandenburg airport and take a flight back to Manchester International airport, Manchester.


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